Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Little pieces.

"You could break my heart into
and I'd still pick them up
and put them back in your hands."

Aún ahora.

Aún ahora, tan alejados como estamos, pensar en ti, si bien me entristece, también me calma.

Escuchar la canción que me cantabas al llorar, me hace sonreír.

Aún te amo. No dejaré de hacerlo.

Holding hands.

I know you mean to help. I also know you get frustrated. Why wouldn't you? I run to you everyday and whimper about my problems. You are always there and always listen, giving advice from your own experience. I get it all, but my feelings won't change. It is not that I like the pain. It is not I don't understand.

I know you mean to see me happy, and that I don't help that much. But I'd like to thank you for your time, you help go through this harsh times.

When you get tired and bored of nagging and more, tell me. I won't be mad, I'll thank you instead. I know it takes time, and I'm no patient person, but thank you for sticking by my side.

I've known you for over a year now, and you've really become a great friend of mine.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Strange dream.

I  had a weird dream last night.

I had learnt to drive. I was driving my mother and grandmother to the grocery store. My car was a bluish light color and small in size. There was a lot of queue to park. I finally found a spot, the last one. We got out of the car and they entered the store.

The background changed. Now, a dark city in chaos enveloped me.

I was running away. From what? I did not know. I could see others running past me. I was slow. I heard a familiar voice, turned my gaze towards it and it was John. He was't alone; there were others I knew by his side. I sprinted towards him, when suddenly a machine-alien monster grabbed me from behind and lifted my small figure around 5 meters from the ground.

I screamed. I screamed my guts out. Its mechanical eyes stared at me and emanated light which blinded me. I felt puncturing in my chest, some kind of injection, and suddenly everything went blank. When I came back to my senses, John was holding me. The look of worry in his face had marked wrinkles around his eyes. My eyes, heavy and dull, could not see past him, but I could hear whispering and mumbling around us. I blacked out again.

When I woke up, it seemed as if a long time had passed, though in reality my sleep was only a few hours long. I was sore. Struggling, I stood up. We were in a building, hiding, living in the dark. My head was spinning and I lost my balance, falling. I hit my stomach, so I pulled a hand to rub it and noticed it.

Was I ... pregnant? But, how? From then on, the foreing creature in my body begun moving. It was wretching. As I had learnt later on, it was a sort of parasite the mechanical creature had embedded in my body, feeding from me it grew and developed.

There were eleven people in total with John. They had rescued me after the monster had left me down when injecting me. We were hiding from them - the dark creatures where searching for me. But we couldn't stay there any longer, so we left. We run for days. Thankfully, we found a seemingly old theather. We headed towards it, and ... something went wrong. I'm .. not sure what, but ... they came in groups. There were too many of them, so we run. Not all of us made it. We lost them. They protected me.

We reached the doors and jumped inside. The remaining of them closed the big doors with everything they could find. We could hear them outside, trying to break in. We hid under the rows of chairs. A girl who accompanied us did not hide. She began speaking strangely. She was one of them. She had to be. But, she had helped us so much, how? We snatched her away and hid again in the bathrooms. We had to know. John grabbed a knife from his thigh and threathened the ''girl''.

''She has to go to the colony,'' she whispered, looking at me.
Colony. My head ached. Colony. The alien in me moved. Colony.

''No,'' I said. ''No!'' I grabbed her and pushed her into the wall. ''I know. I know. IT knows. I will NOT go there!'' I looked at her eyes and I could see the eyes of the creature who had stung me. ''You helped us, why turn on us now?!''

It blinked. ''I had to. I wanted to keep it to myself, but I had to!'' It yelled.

It wants it. She wants it.

''Stay with us, help us. And it will be yours,'' I said. ''You can have it, you can have it.''
Its eyes widened, and I could see it would say yes.

''But you have to help us get away, or I'll kill it.'' I snatched John's knife and pointed it towards my belly.

''You'll die,'' it grinned.

I inched the knife closer. ''They need it alive, not me. It.'' An inch closer.

Its smiled faded. ''Mine?''

''Your own colony,'' I responded.

And the girl smiled back.

I woke up.