Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear best friend.

Dear best friend,
     Thank you for the laughter, for the tears, for the sleepless nights, for all those endless talks, for all those silly things we did, for always sharing what you loved with me and making me love the world. I've known you since I was little, seven if I remember well. And there was not a time when you weren't by my side. If my cat ran away, we'd go hand in hand looking for it. When we couldn't find it, you'd dry my tears and comfort me. When we did, you'd skip around in joy, sighing gladly and giggling with me.
     I remember us buliding forts out of bed sheets and chairs, surrounding the TV, so we'd have our very own cinema. We'd lay on the floor with our bowls of popcorn and we'd watch a movie. We'd talk about anything - you've always been my confident. It was you who I talked to about boys and girly stuff. It was with you when I discovered makeup and tried it on. Remember all those colorful mascaras we used to wear?
     I remember us growing up. When we were little girls, with no notion of gender barriers, we'd play with my older brothers and their friends. We'd run around or  ride our bikes or skate a bit or play tag or football or soccer or videogames. It just all seems easier back then ... Then, we switched from sports to dolls. I can still recall all the plays and novelas and soap operas we'd make with our dolls. Remember Teddy and Teresa? I still have 'em. We sure were growing up, 'cause we'd even make love scenes and make them kiss. We were so childish. Then, we went from dolls to makeup. We were what, twelve? It all seems so long ago ...
    Then, boy troubles began. Luckily for me, I'd never actually fallen for a guy. My crushes were just the result of boredom and thus, ended quickly. But you, oh poor darling, you fell so hard and so fast at such a young age. I still remember all those days we spent thinking and talking about him (well, I was just listening and agreeing, but still). And, oh, you were so jealous at times, I remember. We'd fight over nothing. I kinda understood your point of view, but we were stubborn and childish and immature. Nonetheless, when things went wrong, we'd always be there for each other.
    Now that I finally know love, I get how you feel. It's such a wonderful emotion. I still think you're a bit too jealous, though.
   After so many years and so many things, we're still as close as we've always been. Thank you for never leaving my side and for always being understanding and caring as you are. I love you as a sister, as a part of me. And even though I know we've changed, that bond that ties us together never will. We'll overcome things just like we've done up until now.
    After all, we have already promised to be each other's maid of honors and aunties for our children, haven't we?
                                                                                                                                   I love you.

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