Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Boyfriend's off traveling.

      It's been about two weeks since I last saw him. He's off on a cruise 'round Europe. Cool, right? So, yeah. He's very far away. And I miss him terribly. We've talked quite often through social media sites such as Facebook and Skype, but, lately, I'm afraid every ''goodbye'' might be the last one. And it's very stressing not knowing about him. Every second of the day I wonder ''Is he alright? Does he get enough sleep? Is he eating properly? Is he having fun?'' Those sort of thoughts fill my day.
     That's literally my day - I wake up, thinking about him. {I usually dream of him, of us. They're nice dreams.  Though I dislike them sometimes because they remind me of how much I miss him, but can't be near to him.} I manage to get by the morning, as I try to entertain myself doing other things, whether those are listening to music, drawing, writing, playing videogames, cooking, or something of the sort. Then, we somehow get the opportunity to talk. That's the moment I love the most of my days - when I get to talk to him. It's even better when we get to Skype and I can see him and hear his voice. But then, he has to leave. So I reluctantly smile and say goodbye, afraid that I won't be able to tell him '' I love you'' until he comes back. Just like that, he's gone. And I'm left alone.
     I feel lost without him. Once he's gone, I don't know what to do. All  I do, seriously, is wait for him to get back. Again, I try to do something to get my mind off of him, but fail miserably. Then night comes, and that's when I feel the most nostalgic. At times, my eyes get watery for no reason and I want to cry. I don't though, 'cause I think I ought to be strong for him and for myself.
    I just .... I miss him terribly. And wish he could just come back soon ...

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